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We have all enjoyed our Labor Day weekends and students and teachers are well into the new school year. Each time I walk through the buildings I see much quality, engaged learning happening. It is my primary goal to bring all of us together in the educational process of our CAM children. I hope you as parents feel good about connecting with your child’s teachers and administrators. Education doesn’t just happen at school, but everywhere our children go and in everything they see and hear. In all of our lives, education is present.

This weekend, I witnessed a Cicada Killer Wasp (Sphecius speciosus) climb a tree to about 20 feet in the air with a stunned cicada in her grasp.  Because of the weight of the cicada against her own weight she had to climb the tree to fly down to her burro.  She then “took off” from the tree and flew over our house to her burro, circling as she went, where she took the stunned cicada to lay her eggs, so her babies had the cicada to feed upon. Watching this was much like watching a helicopter take off and land. In our 50+ years, my husband and I have never seen anything like this. It was our own little Animal Planet moment and we loved the “aha” we both took away from watching this in our own back yard. Learning is LIFE long. I want each of our students to embrace the learning process and to be passionate about discovering new things. We will never know it all, and we will forget some of what we learn, but, oh, what a joy it is to think, process, understand and learn. Each new understanding builds upon our former learning to help us develop new skills, and become world changers.

Last week, after much lengthy debate, the Illinois Senate and House passed the School Funding Bill SB 19-47. This Bill, seemingly, is the result of much bi-partisan compromise. As you know, in a true compromise both sides end up with things they like and don’t like. It’s the same with this Bill, we may not like every part of it, but, as a state we can now move forward to make sure all districts in the state of Illinois will be able to continue to educate our students.  While the funding formula has passed, the state is still extremely behind in paying its bills. We are encouraged at the passing of this funding formula and we continue to hope the schools will get the monies as laid out in SB 19-47. 

Central A&M has a new website at www.camraiders.com. We continue to update it almost daily, but currently, you can see our school handbooks, calendars, daily announcements and Mr. Brown’s updates around the district.  We are pleased with how the website looks and it is easy to navigate.  In our handbooks, you will find the informational items that pertain to the day to day workings of each school, including grading scales, dress codes and school fees as well as general rules and procedures. We hope you take the time to check out our new space on the internet.

Congratulations to CAM HS for being named by U.S. News and World Report America’s Best High Schools- 2017. This is a great honor and we are extremely proud of all of our teachers, staff and students. The award is given based on data regarding ACT scores, as well as high school graduation rate. I want you ALL to know, this didn’t just happen in high school, this kind of award starts from day one. The learning builds each year. CENTRAL A&M keep up the good work!!

We have started strong. We are doing many exciting things within the schools, integrating more science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) into our everyday curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic. We are busy and we love it. At Central A&M learning is paramount and all the while we continue to work on character education with our students. Our focus is always the whole child and how we can join with you as parents to raise quality children who not only love learning but who know how to show compassion and concern for others and to be happy within themselves.

We are looking forward to a great year! As always, it IS a great day to be a RAIDER. #iagdtbar

Dr. Heck